Structure Factor Conversion and Validation



This SF-TOOL can be used 1). to convert various structure factor format, 2). to check the model coordinates against the structure factor data.

How to Run:

  1. Upload your coordinate and structure factor files.
  2. Select which checks and/or utilities you would like to run.
  3. Press the RUN button to start.

Upload your files : SF-TOOL Logo

   File Format:

   File Format:

  If you used TNT, SHELX, or other suite, select data type: Amplitude (F) Intensity (I) Guess SF File Format

Convert Structure Factor File to Different Format: SF-tool Logo

Automatic (default): Output Format:

Semi-automatic MTZ (or CNS) conversion to mmCIF:     Number of data sets in file

Percentage of reflection data (free_R) used for cross-validation (optional)

Check Model against Structure Factors: SF-tool Logo

X-ray data using Refmac
X-ray data using Phenix (model_vs_data)
X-ray data using Sfcheck
Neutron data using Phenix (model_vs_data)
Neutron and X-ray hybrid data using Phenix (model_vs_data)


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